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meet the lead designer

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, a Bachelor of Education specializing in Visual Arts, and I am also a recent graduate from the Interior Design Institute.

My ongoing commitment to skill and knowledge development has lead to a unique collection of design opportunities from urban farming projects, to assisting in the design of a new and dynamic healthcare facility.

As a child I was either busy rearranging doll house furniture, or hammering tree-house structures together in my backyard.  As a teenager my parents would come home from work to find that I had repainted or rearranged the furniture in the living room. I had 5 different bedrooms (in the same small house) because I was always re-envisioning my surroundings, and I was elated with the process of setting up a new room.

When helping clients with their designs, I study how they use their existing space; identifying things that work and don’t work, and I make sure that I understand clearly what the needs and wants are.

I am committed to designing functional and beautiful spaces that are uniquely suited to the individual clients and their specific needs.







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